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Art has always been a part of my life; my mother made her hats and

Art has always been a part of my life; my mother made her own hats and

enter them in our county fair and other shows and she won many awards, she also made her clothes and ours, and my dad had an eye for colorful suits and he matched his entire outfit from head to toe and he was color blind. This was an inspiration for me and all through my life I have enjoyed working with colors and creating with them.


This is my inspired Art created with acrylic paint, watercolors, colored pencils, glass, beads, crayons, fabric, tissue paper, and ceramics of Suns. I choose the Sun from dreams that I started having in the 90s, also the sun is the entertainer in the sky and it makes us feel better, people look for the Sun to come out!

The Sun represents a New Day, Encouragement and it gives you Hope! Among the Moon and Stars, the Sun is the one who has the most characters, personalities and many faces. No matter what you are doing in this life, the Sun is involved and it embraces your life with all the energy that you have and gives you more than you expect!

                                  Art is God's way of giving Joy!


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